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Members and guests: Members who present US Surveyors credentials or member numbers must renew annually for active status.  It is the member surveyor's responsibility to keep an active posted listing on the Roster area of the website.  Occasionally a new member is in the process of posting and will be "up" shortly.  You may find out if the surveyor's membership status is considered "active" by clicking on the home state.  If you do not see the member listed then he or she is not considered active.  This does not mean they were not trained by us or were not active at one time.  We will only give out status information to active surveyors.  Inactive members should not be listing or implying to any client that they are active members.  We receive many phone call inquiries about surveyor status not the least of which are inquiries from attorneys or litigators.  Protect your standing by staying informed of renewal/active status.  All membership inquiries active or inactive should be directed to or 1-800-245-4425.  Unfortunately there are "ghost" out of date websites posted years ago by members.  These websites are considered unauthorized and do not represent the status of US Surveyor members.

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