US Surveyors Association Code of Ethics

The following is designed as a reference guide for marine surveyors who wish to limit their liability and participate in US Surveyors as much as possible while conducting the marine inspection.  This is not intended to be legal advice and should not be construed as such.  These practices have been found to work for experienced marine surveyors.  Should you have any questions about legal liability and your legal obligations, please consult your attorney.  First and foremost, make sure your client understands what you do professionally and what you will not do.  This would be the scope of your expertise.  Marine surveys are basically "visual reports".  Inspect only that for which you are qualified.  Your organization was founded in 1987.  It is one of four major associations accrediting marine surveyors.  We are proud that you have decided to join us.


When you choose a US Surveyors member you can be assured you have chosen a trained, educated and qualified surveyor who has met strict standards for membership in the only organization that provides ongoing college level coursework and education for members through a centrally located headquarters.