US Surveyors Association Members in Utah


RJC Marine Surveying
Randy Collins MS, BA, AEI
Telephone: 303-617-3777
Fax: 303-617-3778

Equitable Marine Surveyors
Accredited and Certified
3405 Gilpin Street
Denver, CO  80205
Telephone: (303) 623-5001

Anthony Coleman MMS, MMSAI
Cell: (303) 263-9203
Yolanda Bell MMS, MMSAI
Cell: (303) 921-6944
Karen Steele, Primary Surveyor, MMS, CPO
Specializing in Houseboat inspection/compliance, Maui Worx Surveying stays on the forefront of Houseboat vessel inspection. Our surveys are done to all applicable USCG, NFPE, and ABYC Standards and References. We have a Team of Certified Master Marine Surveyors. We require all our surveyors to keep educated and up to date on marine industry standards, using the highest quality equipment and latest technology. Also surveying for Pre-Purchase, Damage, Insurance, etc., Underwriter Qualified. Memberships: ABYC, NFPA, USSA, BUC

Maui Worx, LLC
Office: 505-675-1005
Cell: 505-419-0089