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Here is a quick quiz to see if you are well-suited to the marine surveying business.  Email your answers to and a results sheet will be sent within 12 hours.  This is a multi-faceted self-employment questionnaire designed specifically for marine surveyor students.  All quiz results are confidential.

Please rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 using the following interpretations. We have courses for all levels. Scores or results are based on core knowledge, not experience.  Once you get your results call us (1-800-245-4425) to see where you should begin! 

5     Extremely familiar and knowledgeable.  Experience more than 20 years.
4     Very familiar. Experience 10-20 years around boats.
3     Somewhat knowledgeable. Experience 5-10 years.
2     Have vague or new knowledge. Less than 2 years.
1     Never heard of it.


  1. Knowledge of types of vessels, building materials, equipment, boatyard etiquette, marine etiquette?

  2. Knowledge of older equipment vs. newer equipment carried on vessels?

  3. Familiarity with USCG, its role in recreational versus commercial boating?

  4. Familiarity with the Passenger Vessel Safety Act, T Boats, KBoats, Recreational Vessel Safety standards and ABYC?

  5. Familiarity with government or organizational regulations supervising marine surveyors...if any?

  6. Familiar with national boating safety organizations?

  7. Fair to strong ability to acquire boating information, study skills, test-taking independently.

  8. Familiar with self-employment, motivated and assured when talking to people.

  9. Have resources or other income for first 6 months of setting up business?

  10. Unafraid to ask for help, call for assistance and network with fellow professionals online, in the mail, or by telephone?

Please comment:

Do you think professional marine surveyors should be required to be state or nationally certified either through education or testing or both?

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